Rewiring a House in Arden is Best Left to Professionals


Have you been on the lookout for a good electrical company for rewiring your house in the area of Arden, WA? D and A Electric provide elite services of rewiring a house at prices that are very reasonable in the Arden region.

Professionals who can ensure safety are critically required when it comes rewiring a house in the area of Arden. The professionals employed by us for rewiring a house in the Arden region are very popular due to their exceptional service and prices that can easily fit in every budget.

You cannot delay getting your house rewired when you observe:

  • Outlets getting charred
  • Loose electric connections
  • Too much circuit tripping
  • Burning smell

If you delay rewiring your house, it could lead to a fire accident causing considerable damage. We promise you will not regret employing us.

Home Electrical Wiring Services for the Arden Community


When the components of the electrical connections do not function effectively, a home electrical wiring service in the Arden region should be contacted as soon as possible. Our company can provide a service of home electrical wiring that is very accurate and to the point in the area of Arden.

There are a various number of reasons why you should hire our home electrical wiring for your Arden property:

  • Construction of new house
  • Energy management
  • Lighting indoors
  • Generators
  • Ceiling fans

Each and every expert of home electrical wiring that we hire to serve Arden is very efficient and diligent. They always make sure to use products that are of the topmost quality so that our customers do not suffer in any way.

Why Should Arden Homeowners Choose Us for Home Remodel Wiring?


We should be your number one choice when it comes to home remodel wiring in the area of Arden since we are a business that is family owned and operated. All the local codes and regulation of electricity in the Arden area are known by our experts of home remodel wiring.

Our home remodel wiring professionals are:

  • Dedicated and sincere
  • Very talented
  • Well trained

If you are a veteran or senior citizen who employs our service of home remodel wiring, then we offer a discount of 10%.

Call 509-935-4426 to talk to our home remodel wiring experts serving Arden. D and A Electric provide top class services of house rewiring and home electrical wiring.