Residential Wiring Repair for Deer Park Area Home owners


For any homeowner in the Deer Park area, you may once in a while have faults with your home’s wiring. We all love our homes, and you of course do not want shady repair work for any of the residential wiring repair work you require. You need to get quality home electrical repair for your all of residential wiring repair needs.

At D & A Electric, we will carry out all residential wiring repair work for you. We have a long history of experience in home electrical repair and residential wiring repair. We serve the Deer Park, WA area, and we have highly experienced and qualified electricians who will undertake your residential wiring repair and home electrical repair needs with integrity and as fast as possible.

Your home in the Deer Park area is your private space, and we therefore ensure that all repair work is done as fast as possible. We use top quality copper wires for residential wiring repair. Apart from residential wiring repair, we can carry out rewiring and home electrical repair.

Residential wiring can be faulty due to:

  • Poor residential wiring repair work that was done earlier
  • Use of old wiring materials and techniques which are prone to being faulty
  • Electrical faults due to wear and tear that damages the wiring


Deer Park Area Home Electrical Repair Services


We offer home electrical repair services for Deer Park area residents. We offer you home electrical repair for all the electrical fittings and gadgets in your home. Our home electrical repair services in the Deer Park area include the repair of:

  • Circuit breaker repairs
  • Exhaust fan repairs
  • Small appliance dedicated circuit repair
  • Lighting repairs

We have greatly experienced and qualified electricians in the Deer Park area who will ensure you get the best home electrical repair services within the Deer Park area. Contact us for all home electrical repair services.

Why Choose Us for Home Wiring Repair in the Deer Park Area?


You are in need of home wiring repair, but you do not know who to turn to? Then choose us for residential wiring repair. We have a long history of experience when it comes to home electrical repair and residential wiring repair, and we will therefore offer you quality home wiring repair.

Our home wiring repair service is done as fast as possible to ensure that you get back to your normal life quickly. Choose us for home wiring repair in the Deer Park area because:

  • We have served the Deer Park area for a long time
  • We use top quality wires for residential wiring repair
  • We have experienced electricians for home wiring repair and home electrical repair