Residential Wiring Repair for Arden Homeowners


Make sure that electric problems in your home at Arden, WA are resolved accurately by calling D & A Electric for the required residential wiring repair. We are a full-service electrical contractor that specializes in home electrical repair work.

Whatever else you may love tinkering with in your home, take care that electrical wiring is not of these. Residential wiring repair is something Arden homeowners should leave to trained professionals like us. We understand the hazards involved in working with electricity. To ensure safe, incident-free home electrical repair, we get it done by professionals who:

  • Are licensed to do the job
  • Have exhaustive electrical knowledge
  • Are experienced in making simple and complex electrical repairs

Our technicians make sure that all residential wiring repair jobs in Arden are completed in full compliance to the latest local codes.

Arden Home Electrical Repair Services


High levels of precision are the most desirable and essential features of the home electrical repair services hired by any Arden homeowner. However, another thing every customer expects from his/her electrical contractor is a speedy response.

With a number of electric issues, delay in repairs can mean a lot of discomfort. And, there are many problems that, unless resolved immediately, can create threats to life and property.

We are here to deliver timely home electrical repair services so that Arden residents can have their electric issues fixed before they suffer too much inconvenience or harm. We:

  • Provide same day home electrical repair services in Arden
  • Send our electricians fully prepared to complete the repairs without letups
  • Take emergency calls on weekends

Why Choose Us for Home Wiring Repair in Arden?


Your home is one of your most valuable investments, and the electrical system is one of the most important components of the property. Naturally, you want nothing short of the best in residential wiring repair services for your Arden home.

The best way to get that is by calling us whenever the electric system in your home develops an issue. Our family owned and operated company takes pride in it's exceptional capabilities, and loves delivering home electrical repair services that satisfy customers thoroughly.

When you choose us for residential wiring repair in Arden, you receive services that offer the finest in:

  • Workmanship
  • Pricing
  • Customer service

Call D & A Electric at 509-935-4426 for fast, efficient and economical residential wiring repair services in Arden.