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D & A Electric's is a local Addy area residential electrical service company with years of experience. Our high level of experience, while valuable, is not what we have built our company on.

We believe that the best way we can serve our clients is based on the excellence of our service combined with a commitment to integrity in everything we do.

• Highly Experienced Residential Electrician

• Years in Residential Electrical Service

• Local Electrician Experienced Dealing With Both The NEC And The WAC

Residential Electrician Addy * Electrical Repair

When you are looking for residential electrical service, the first thing that you need to make sure is true about whoever you are looking to hire, is that they are a local electrician. While the country is required to abide by the National Electrical Code, or NEC, our state is held to a higher and more stringent set of restrictions.

The Washington Administrative Code is another set of rules that governs how homes and buildings are wired here in the state of Washington.

If you do not have a local electrician, they will not be familiar enough with the WAC to get your residential electrical service project past the required state inspections.

Residential Electrician


At D & A Electric's we have decades of experience as your residential electrician.

Residential electrical service varies from commercial electrical service in so many different ways that you want to make sure that your local electrician is highly experienced in the industry that you need him for.

Let D & A Electric's help with your next residential electrical service, and let us bring our years of experience and commitment to exceeding your expectations, to work for you.

Local Electrician


D & A Electric's is the local electrician for the greater Addy area, and has years of experience helping our neighbors with all their residential electrical service needs.

Our residential electricians can help you with bathroom or kitchen remodels, lighting package redesigns, generator hook ups, or simply troubleshooting some electrical items that no longer work in your home. No job is too small or too large.

With our experience as a local electrician, we already have the upper hand with our extensive knowledge of the wayhomes were wired around this area.

Not only will we be able to tie additions into your existing home easier, but we’ll also be quicker at troubleshooting existing items that have failed.

If you are looking for help in your residential electrical service project, look no farther than your local Washington experts at D & A Electric. We’ll earn your business with our superior workmanship and integrity.

Contact an electrician today at 509-935-4426.