Local Electricians for the Spokane Valley Area Community


You often need services of an electrician in Spokane Valley, WA. This is when you should look for local electricians as they offer quick service, bringing your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Timely electrical wiring services delivered by a licensed electrician can prevent further damage to your electrical systems in Spokane Valley. Bring your needs for electrical wiring services to us at D & A Electric. Offering a wide range of electrical services, we have gained the reputation of being trusted local electricians in the Spokane Valley area.

Our licensed electrician is well-aware of the electrical wiring used in your Spokane Valley area home and can deliver precise electrical wiring service. We are:

  • Reliable local electricians
  • Local electricians catering to diverse electrical needs
  • Well-informed local electricians
  • Dedicated local electricians
  • Highly trained local electricians

Licensed Electrician for Spokane Valley Area Residential Wiring



When a light switch fails to work or an outlet goes dead, many Spokane Valley residents call local electricians to fix it. However, not just getting the help of local electricians is sufficient to enhance the efficiency of your electrical panel in Spokane Valley. You need to seek the help of a licensed electrician for better results in Spokane Valley. Some benefits of relying on a licensed electrician include a:


  • Licensed electrician can easily identify and fix your exact electrical problem
  • Licensed electrician can handle even intricate issues with electrical systems
  • Licensed electrician ensures to adhere to local safety laws while serving
  • Licensed electrician uses advanced techniques for providing electrical wiring services
  • Licensed electrician can meet different electrical needs

If you are looking for services from a licensed electrician, come to us, your local electricians in the Spokane Valley area. We quickly respond to your needs and use quality copper wire for residential electrical wiring in Spokane Valley.

Why Should Spokane Valley Area Residents Choose Us for Electrical Wiring Services?


Electrical wiring is complicated, and only an experienced and licensed electrician can handle electrical needs with perfection. Thus, when you need electrical wiring services in Spokane Valley, ensure that your local electricians provide you with effective services.

For safe electrical wiring services, Spokane Valley residents can come to us. We are dependable local electricians who provide:


  • Affordable electrical wiring services
  • Advanced electrical wiring services
  • Proficient electrical wiring services by using top quality equipment
  • Emergency service
  • Trusted service

To get service from a licensed electrician, Spokane Valley residents can call D & A Electric at 509-935-4426.