Local Electricians for the North Port Community


When you own a house in North Port, WA,there is a need to make sure that the electrical wiring system is intact to prevent dangerous hazards that can happen due to faulty electrical circuits. In order to maintain your electrical system, the help of local electricians prove to be highly beneficial as they can effectively troubleshoot and repair electrical issues.

Offering quality electrical wiring services, D & A Electric is operating as local electricians in the North Port area. Whatever the problem is with your residential wiring, we have the licensed electrician you can depend on for your electrical wiring system.

If you realize the need for a licensed electrician for your electrical wiring, come to us in the North Port area. We are:

  • Reliable local electricians
  • Experienced local electricians
  • Committed local electricians
  • Local electricians effectively catering to all electrical needs
  • Trained local electricians

Licensed Electrician for North Port Residential Wiring Projects


When it comes to choosing one of the dependable local electricians in the North Port area, a licensed electrician makes a viable choice. Possessing the following traits, a licensed electrician can deliver to you proficient service in North Port.

  • A licensed electrician adheres to North Port electrical codes
  • A licensed electrician can fix electrical wiring issues quick
  • A licensed electrician is capable of identifying problem areas
  • A licensed electrician takes safety precautions while serving you
  • A licensed electrician provides top-notch service

Get in touch with our licensed electrician to receive certified electrical service in North Port. Our local electricians carefully inspect your electrical wiring and circuits to identify if there is a need to replace them or if simply repairing themcan serve the purpose.

Why Should North Port Residents Choose Us for Electrical Wiring Services?


The need for electrical wiring services is often needed in North Port to keep your electrical wiring systems intact. When seeking proficient service, choosing one of the reliable local electricians is necessary. This is because trustworthy local electricians can provide quick service to bring your life back to normal as soon as possible.

If you too are looking for electrical wiring services in North Port, depend on our licensed electrician. Being trusted local electricians in the North Port area, we deliver:

  • Quality electrical wiring service
  • Dedicated electrical wiring service
  • Electrical wiring service for your North Port home 
  • Experienced service
  • Real results

Residents of North Port can call D& A Electric at 509-935-4426 to receive premium electric service from our skilled licensed electrician.