Local Electricians for the Spokane Community


Delivering proficient electrical wiring serving, we at D & A Electric have emerged as one of the most reliable local electricians in the Spokane, WA area. Whether you need electrical wiring service for your Spokane residential property, our licensed electrician aims at delivering premium service.

Local electricians are the ones who help you keep your electric wiring and circuits in good shape. Some of the job responsibilities of local electricians include:

  • Local electricians carefully inspect your electrical wiring system
  • Local electricians repair and replace electrical wiring
  • Local electricians install electrical wiring
  • Local electricians fix electrical issues
  • Local electricians ensure the safety of electrical systems

When you need the help of local electricians in Spokane, we make an ideal option for you. Realizing the fact that electrical emergencies can affect normal living, we deliver quick service in Spokane.

Licensed Electrician for Spokane Residential Wiring


The primary role of a licensed electrician is to ensure that your electrical wiring system is safe and well-maintained. In case of a faulty electrical wiring system, a licensed electrician repairs and replaces it. Thus, when you think your electrical system requires maintenance in Spokane, contact our local electricians.

Since all local electricians are not the same in the Spokane area, we, being a licensed electrician firm, take care of your residential electric needs. Understanding the fact that electrical emergencies can put your life on hold, we deliver rapid service in Spokane. Providing premium service, we are a:

  • Reliable licensed electrician firm
  • Dedicated licensed electrician firm
  • Skilled licensed electrician firm
  • Qualified licensed electrician firm
  • Committed licensed electrician firm

Why Should Spokane Residents Choose Us for Electrical Wiring Services?


Faulty electrical wiring systems can cause safety hazards, soit is essential to get in touch with a Spokane area licensed electrician to keep your electrical systems intact. When searching for an electrician for your electrical wiring system, you can come across a myriad of local electricians in Spokane. However, to receive top-notch service, be sure to choose a trusted option.

Being a licensed electrician firm for Spokane, we make an ideal choice for your electrical wiring system. You can choose us for electrical wiring services in Spokane since we are:

  • Experienced electrical wiring service providers
  • Trained electricians
  • Loyal electricians
  • Electricians aiming at delivering quality service
  • Electricians capable of handling all types of electrical issues

To schedule your appointment with a licensed electrician from D & A Electric serving the spokane area, call us at 509-935-4426.