Local Electricians for the Best in Local Electrical Service


D & A Electric can provide you a licensed electrician in your local area. Our local electricians are always well-equipped to handle all sorts of electrical projects including electrical wiring. The level of experience and training our local electricians have are a model of any licensed electrician.

Our local electricians have years of experience serving your area. The licensed electrician assigned to your project will know what to do when our licensed electrician gets there. 

Electrical Wiring for Homes


A licensed electrician can easily deal with any electrical wiring and repair services for residential locations. Our local electricians are well-versed with any local codes and restrictions, so the licensed electrician we send will know the limitations of what electrical wiring can be done depending on which city you live in.

Our local electricians have taken on a variety of electrical projects from homeowners. The licensed electrician you will be working with should be well-equipped to handle any work, required for home electrical work.

Our local electricians know the main differences when dealing with electrical wiring for residential purposes:

  • The need for proper certifications for residential wiring repair
  • Rigid rules and specific materials for home electrical wiring
  • Different electrical wiring configurations to achieve the best result.

A Licensed Electrician is the Right Choice for Electrical Work


When undertaking any electrical wiring project, the licensed electrician we send would know what permits are required and will get them for you. When our local electricians get to your area, they already have an idea of your house’s electrical wiring schematics due to our vast knowledge and experience in servicing your community.

We take pride in our vast knowledge of local codes and regulations for electrical wiring to the point that any licensed electrician from our company that serves you should fix your problem in no time.

Not all local electricians can handle the complexity of electrical wiring you might require. When you hire D & A Electric, our licensed electrician can handle any electrical wiring your project might need. Our local electricians are equipped to handle:

  • Electrical wiring for green energy
  • Custom lights
  • Home rewiring
  • Panel changes

Our local electricians are a close-knit group who value your time and your property. Your problem is our problem. You can be assured that our local electricians will display the same passion, commitment and quality you would shower upon your own belongings.