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D & A Electric  is the electric repair specialist perfect for your real estate services company. We have been helping real estate services take care of electric repair issues on tight deadlines for years.

D & A Electric understands that real estate services are often up against deadlines that might hold up or even prevent a sale.

Sometimes real estate services are in charge of ensuring that an entire group of rental homes stays in tip top shape in order to keep the tenants happy.

When electric repair has the potential of holding up your business, you have to have an electrical repair specialist that you can count on. D & A Electric has built is name upon excellence and integrity.

We’ll get your real estate repair completed on time, and your homes looking better than ever.


  • Local Electric Repair Specialist Catering to Real Estate Services
  • Real Estate Repair at Incredible Value Prices
  • Punctual and High Quality Workmanship


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Don’t put your investment properties at risk by hiring cut-rate electric repair contractors. D & A Electric can meet or beat many of their prices by getting our electric repair projects done right the first time. We’ll not only save you money, but we’ll save you time as well.


Electric Repair


Around the Addy area the rental market is expanding quickly and finding someone experienced in electric repair for older homes can be tough.

D & A Electric is proud to offer our electric repair services to help with your real estate repair needs.

With years in the electric repair industry, we have a ton of experience in both new and old home electric repair.

We can take care of your electric repair problems big or small. We specialize in everything from fixing the smallest switch, to complete home rewires to remove all aluminum wire and replace it with copper.

Call D & A Electric today and let us put our ethics and experience to work making your company more successful!


Real Estate Repair

D & A Electric prides itself in our workers as well as our workmanship.

Our workers are courteous and polite as well as extremely knowledgeable.

We arrive on time, and finish your electric repair projects as quickly as we can.

We look forward to being a part of your real estate service team, and helping your company better serve your clients.

Call an electrician today at 509-935-4426.