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In many homes today, their primary source of protection from electrical accidents and injuries, is dangerously worn out.

In many cases these outdated breaker panels can lead to unwarranted electrical shock, electrical fires, and even serious injury.

The purpose of your breaker panel is to prevent larger amounts of current traveling from the street to any break or compromise in your homes electrical system.

When your breaker panel is worn out or out of date, your breakers can fail in some different ways.

A tell tale sign of a needed panel change is if your breakers are not staying on under normal usage. This means that a breaker is tripping even though you are not using more than its listed amperage.

If your breaker panel is experiencing nuisance tripping, there is a good chance that you might be in need of a panel change.

D & A Electric's has years of experience providing our clients with the best in panel changes and breaker panel upgrades.

  • Years of Experience in Panel Changes and Service Change Upgrades
  • The Highest Quality Breaker Panel Parts Available
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There are some types of breaker panels that if you find your home has protecting it, you need to call D & A Electric right away.

Some types of panels like Zinsco and some split bus style breaker panels should be replaced on sight.

They are notorious for failing to trip when they are needed to and present a significant safety hazard.

If your home is old enough to have the old fuse style breaker system, not only will your home be safer after a panel change from D & A Electric, but you’ll also save money by having our new style breaker panel installed.

You can stop hunting around for replacement bus’ and fuses that must be replaced every time they trip, and start enjoying the ease of a simple flip to restore power after an incident.

A panel change can substantially increase the value of your home as well. If you are looking to sell your home or buy a new one, the breaker panel is often the first place that you should look. A panel change is often the only thing holding back a sale.

Call a  D & A Electric electrician today for all of your panel change and service change upgrade needs at 509-935-4426.