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If you have an older home that was wired using aluminum wire, or even the older style knob and tube wiring, call D & A Electric's and let us help you get your house rewired. Aluminum wire can cause problems of many different kinds including being a fire hazard.

Homes with aluminum wire are more than 50 times more likely to have a connection become a fire hazard than homes that were wired with copper wire.

One reason why aluminum wire is so dangerous is because of its high rate of oxidization. When aluminum gets exposed to the air, it starts to oxidize, and creates a layer of oxidation that can create an inconsistent connection.

When electricity is drawn through an inconsistent or loose connection, it starts to heat up, and if left alone for too long, it can become a fire hazard.

D & A Electric's is highly experienced in complete home rewires and can make sure to eliminate any possible fire hazard fueled by aluminum wire.

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Another danger in a home that has aluminum wiring inside is when aluminum and copper wire is joined together. Often in an older home, any remodel work that was done later in the life of the home would be done in copper wire.

When this copper wire is tied into the rest of the home, it makes mixed metal connections that create a whole new problem. Aluminum and copper expand and contract at different rates and can seriously effect connections where the two metals come together.

Home Rewiring

Home rewiring is becoming a more common practice in light of today's increased awareness to the dangers of aluminum wire in your home. A house rewire is the practice of completely abandoning the old aluminum wiring throughout your home, and replacing it all with new copper wire.

Another dangerous style of wiring used even before aluminum wiring became the standard, is called knob and tube wiring. In this method, individual strands of wire are run along your attic and walls with only small porcelain spacers, or knobs, keeping the wire from being in direct contact with your home.

Over time, the sheathing over these wires erodes, or is eaten away by mice or insects, leaving your charged wires directly exposed to your insulation and framing.


A house rewire can be expensive, but the cost is outweighed by the value that it adds to your home, as well as the extra measure of safety that it provides.

If you ever go to sell your home, often a house rewire will be a determining factor in whether your home sale goes through or not.

If you are in the market for home rewiring, give your local home rewire specialist a call.

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