Residential Electrical Addy * Energy Savings


Are you looking for a way to bring your electric bill down a little? Or maybe are you trying to help out our environment by doing your part in lowering your electric consumption?

D & A Electric is a leader around our state in the green electricity movement. Our long history of experience in the industry helps provide us with a foundation of knowledge to better supply our customers with the best energy saving ideas available.

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Residential Green Energy * Energy Savings Ideas

Green electricity is more than just a way to help out our environment. We see not only see results in our power bills, but we also add value to our home. There is nothing like an energy saving conversion to your home to help it stand out in the housing market.

Energy Saving Ideas


Have you ever thought of putting your outside lights on a timer rather than a photocell?

A photocell keeps your lights on whenever it’s dark. A timer has the ability to keep your outside lights on only when you need them most. Another great option is a motion detector.

That way your lights are only on when someone is moving about and needs to see what they are doing. Motion detector lighting is a great security feature as well.

Solar panels are another of the great energy saving ideas that helps you save money and brings more value to your home at the same time. Even in the Addy area, solar panels can pay for themselves in a few years.

Everyone has heard of LED lighting and fluorescents. But you would be astounded to know how many different types we can show you. Many people avoid compact fluorescent lights or CFL’s, because they do not like the look of them.

But did you know that we have CFL’s that don’t look anything like the curly bulbs that you are use to. We also have long lasting LED lights that can help save on money at the same time as outlasting even the longest lasting standard bulb.

When it comes to energy saving ideas, let D & A Electric help pick out the perfect green electricity plan for you. With the hundreds of ideas and items that we have available, we’ll get you the perfect blend of function, price, and usability!

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