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Sometimes we take our homes electrical items for granted until they stop working on us. Nothing can be more frustrating than clearing the furniture away from the front of an electrical outlet, only to discover that the outlet doesn’t work. Or maybe you finally found time to lug out your large ladder, only to discover that the problem was more than just a burned out light bulb.

D & A Electric's is here to help. With years of experience providing the best in electrical troubleshooting and electrical repair, D & A Electric's has the local experience needed to make sure your electrical repair needs are taken care of quickly and correctly.

D & A Electric's, our electric repair service is known for our extremely high level of service, knowledge, and integrity.

This, backed with years of experience learning and dealing with the local Washington state electrical codes and restrictions, has made D & A Electric your number one choice for electric repair service.


  • Years of Local Washington State Electrical Troubleshooting Experience
  • Electric Repair Service and New Installation Under One Roof
  • Highly Experienced Electrical Repair


Electrical Troubleshooting Addy * Residential Electrical

D & A Electric's is here to take care of all your home electrical service jobs. Whether large or small, we have the time to make sure your company gets back up and running with the least down time possible.

We even offer emergency calls on the weekends because you never know when trouble will strike your business.


When your home needs electrical repair, call D & A Electric's and get help from the best!

Electric Repair Service


You may wonder why local Washington state experience is so valuable when talking about conducting electrical troubleshooting in an existing home that will not be restricted under the new local codes.

However it is still extremely valuable to have someone who understands how homes in the area and time period, are wired. This allows us to complete electric repair service jobs quicker and more efficiently.

We also are able to more accurately determine materials and spare parts that might be needed to aid in the electric repair service project.

This helps reduce the amount of trips away from the project we might need to make to gather the correct material.

We specializes in electric repair service for both residential homes as well as emergencies.


Call D & A Electric's today and let us show you why we are your number one choice for electrical troubleshooting and electric repair service.

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