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Custom lighting design can help make any home look its best. If you are looking to improve the look of your home and living spaces, we've got an electrician for you.

Call D & A Electric today and let our professional lighting design electrician specialist come help you plan the perfect look.

D & A Electric is fully licensed and highly experienced in both residential custom lighting design and installation services, and can help fulfill your vision.

We not only specialize in interior lighting design, but also in exterior lighting design.


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Custom Lighting Electrician Addy

Custom lighting design can help your home in many different ways. Many times people think of custom lighting design as being used only in art galleries and downtown clubs, but there are many other applications that it can be used in.

Custom lighting design can help create the perfect mood lighting for your master bedroom, or bring enough light into a workshop to make your space more pleasant to work in. It can help make your family room seem bigger, or make your kitchen easier to cook in.

We have even seen custom lighting design used to make your own personal home theater look just like the cinema down the street.

If you have a vision for custom lighting design, let D & A Electric help make it a reality.


Interior Lighting Design Electrician



Interior lighting design can help you design your home lighting starting before your home is even built.

We can work with your architect to build the perfect set of plans for the lighting in your home.

Our years of experience in interior lighting design can bring fresh new ideas to your interior lighting design plans, or help figure out ways to effectively accomplish your own ideas.

D & A Electric can help you with your interior lighting design projects for your remodeling or renovation requirements.

Our high level of experience in both settings makes us the perfect candidate to helping make your interior lighting design a reality.

With the help of D & A Electric, there is no interior lighting design project that can’t be accomplished.

Let D & A Electric help you design the perfect custom lighting package for you!

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