Electrical Troubleshooting for Homeowners in N. Spokane


Do you need the services of residential electrical troubleshooting experts in N. Spokane, WA? Are you looking to have your home electrical problems resolved:

  • As quickly as possible?
  • Not temporarily, but permanently?
  • In an economical and stress-free way?
  • With minimal disruption in your life or work?

Call D&A Electric. We are a premier electrical company known for skillful troubleshooting of the most complex electrical problems and finding solutions that stand the test of time. When we are called for electrical troubleshooting in N. Spokane, our technicians reach the job site fast, work diligently and with meticulous attention to detail, and complete the job to the 100% satisfaction of the customer.

Having Electrical Problems in Your N. Spokane Home? We Can help!


Most people understand that they should get their N. Spokane home electrical problems resolved while they are still small. However, people are often too busy to actually do so, and things tend to get worse by the time they call for electrical repairs.

Limit your hassles and expenses from home electrical problems by requesting the help of our electrical troubleshooting experts before the problem gets worse. Are you wondering, What are the signs of electrical problems in a home? You need not wait for a major electrical breakdown before calling for electrical repairs. Flickering lights, dead outlets, repeated tripping of the circuit breaker, heated switches, and a burning odor coming from electric fixtures are some signs of budding home electrical problems.

Instead of browsing the web for how to find electrical short in house, call us for electrical troubleshooting! We will have your home electrical problems fixed with our:

  • Same day service
  • Suitable and accurate repairs
  • Lasting solutions

Why Choose Us if You Need Electrical Repairs in N. Spokane?


We offer everything homeowners expect from the company they call when they need electrical repairs. Being a family-owned and operated company, we adopt a service-oriented approach and are highly sensitive to the concerns and expectations of our customers.

The electrical troubleshooting experts we send over to perform electrical repairs in N. Spokane homes are:

  • Licensed technicians
  • Skilled and reputable professionals
  • Respectable, trustworthy individuals

You can feel safe letting our technicians work in your home to deliver home electrical repair services. You can also count on them to get all your electrical repairs done right the first time around.

For the most efficient and enduring solutions to your home electrical problems in N. Spokane, call D&A Electric at 509-935-4426.