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Let D & A Electric meet all of your electrical repair needs in the Chewelah area. Chewelah-Electrical-Repair

D & A Electric is a local company that has a well-educated team of electrical repair professionals in the Chewelah area.

Our technicians have years of hands on experience and are dedicated to excellence in service and quality workmanship. When you call D & A Electric you can expect nothing short of a job well done. 

We have provided electrical repair to many homes built in Chewelah and the surrounding areas. We are familiar with how these homes are built.

This allows us to easily troubleshoot issues, and employ the least invasive tactics when repairing your homes electric concerns. 

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At D & A Electric we take pride in the quality of Electrical-Service-Chewelah-WA the work we do.

All of your electrical repair needs are very carefully planned and researched by our team before we start the job.

Our electricians are always up to date on the city of Chewelah’s electrical codes and guidelines.

We provide a timely solution for your needs while operating within these codes to ensure there are no additional cost or fees for inspection or materials, and to make sure the repair is done correctly the first time. 

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A lot goes into planning and managing a project, one piece of it is proper permitting.

D & A Electric wants to keep your job moving forward smoothly and efficiently, that is why we will file for any permits needed to complete the electrical repair work we do.