Electric Repair Services for Residential Wiring

D & A Electric is an electrical contractor that can help you with various electrical work and electrical repair services. We specialize in residential electrical repair services and home wiring repairs.

Our residential clients can take advantage of a wide variety of electrical work and electrical repair services that include:

  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling electrical work
  • Recess can lighting electrical work
  • Circuit breaker electrical repair services and service panel electrical work
  • Exhaust fan installations and electrical repair services

Residential electrical work can be completely different from commercial work. We are equipped to deal with these differences when it comes to legal permits and even wiring technicalities compared to working on businesses. Know that we are experienced electricians that have seen it all and can deal with anything.

Electrical Work by Local and Experienced, Local Electrician

Our experience and training in the field has made us one of the best in electrical repair services in the region. We are here to help you with any electrical project you might undertake. No scale of electrical work is beyond the capabilities of our friendly and committed staff of electricians.

Our electricians are equipped to deal with the following requests:

  • Heating and AC electrical repair services
  • Electric circuit additions and other electrical work
  • Home electrical troubleshooting and electrical repair services
  • Dedicated circuit electrical work

Why Choose Us When You Need Electrical Repair Service?

Why choose D & A Electric? We are a group of highly experienced electricians who have undertaken massive amounts of various electrical work for years now. We know how important reliable electrical repair services are to your piece of mind.

Our technicians always strive to be:

  • Courteous and neat
  • Punctual and efficient with their time
  • Knowledgeable about the latest electrical technologies

Faulty electrical work can affect your lifestyle. We understand how frustrating it can be to have to deal with such a crippling situation. We treat these matters as emergencies, and we aim to provide expedient electrical repair services to get you back on track.

We aim to treat your home as our own when envisioning your electrical repair services project or troubleshooting your concerns. We have gained the reputation for punctuality since we value your time as much as we value our own. We take pride in the quality of our electrical repair services, taking exceptional care in how we conduct our business in your home.