Is the Electrical Panel Out-of-Date in Your North Port Home?


The electrical service panel is a key component of a home's electrical system. It distributes power flowing in from the utility company to the electrical fixtures and outlets installed throughout your home.

With the numerous new appliances and gadgets commonly used in homes today, electric panels that were originally installed have become inadequate for increased power usage.

Unless you seek an electrical panel upgrade for your North Port, WA home, you might face several problems with your electrical system, such as:

  • Appliance or fixture damage
  • Electric shock
  • Improperly-working electrical gadgets
  • Electrical fire

Hire D&A Electric for electrical panel upgrade services in North Port to keep your family and home safe. Let our licensed technicians inspect your existing main breaker panel to see if it is outdated and, if necessary, replace it with a new, properly-sized circuit breaker panel.

Why Do North Port Homeowners Need a Circuit Breaker Panel?


Homes used to have fuse style electric panels installed, but newer homes are now built with circuit breaker panels installed. Many North Port homeowners prefer a circuit breaker panel because of the benefits they offer over a fuse panel.

While blown fuses need some time and effort to fix, tripped circuit breakers just have to be flipped back. Better yet, homes with new circuit breaker panels attract lower insurance premiums and increased resale value.

Call us to install a circuit breaker panel in your home so you can enjoy all these advantages and keep your electrical fixtures and appliances running:

  • At peak efficiency
  • Without problems
  • Safely, without circuit overloading

We can perform an electrical panel upgrade to replace your fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel, or even replace a circuit breaker panel that has become defective or does not have a sufficient number of breakers.

Why Choose Us for an Electrical Panel Upgrade in North Port?


Are you asking yourself, Should I upgrade my electric panel? If you're having trouble with your outdated electric panel, the answer is Yes!

The next thing you need to ask is Which electrical contractor should I hire to carry out the electrical panel upgrade in my North Port home? Consider us! With us, you can rest easy knowing that your electrical panel replacement job will be:

  • Done precisely to code
  • Handled with utmost diligence and professionalism
  • Completed with quality materials
  • Done at an affordable price

Call D&A Electric at 509-935-4426 for an electrical panel upgrade in your Auburn home.