Electrical Contractors for Addy Residential Wiring 


A brightly lit home always seems to welcome the onlookers. With properly placed lighting fixtures, you can turn your home into a beautiful space where people would like to come repeatedly. We, at D & A Electric serve as electrical contractors for Addy, WA residents.

You can call us for residential electrical wiring as well as other electrical services. As experienced electrical contractors catering to Addy, we know that faulty electrical wiring is the major cause of fires and therefore, we pay utmost attention to all the details before beginning any work.

As established electrical contractors catering to Addy, our electrical services include:

  • Complete wiring services for homes
  • Repair and upgrades
  • Automation services

We, as reliable electrical contractors serving Addy, have a well experienced, skilled and trained crew of electricians who cater to all kinds of electrical jobs.

Electrical Wiring for Home Improvement and Remodels


Remodeling of homes involves changing the lighting fixtures and replacing them with new, modern looking ones. However, you not only need to change the fixtures, but get new electrical wiring for Addy homes. We provide the best quality electrical wiring services in Addy.

Providing our best electricians for the job, we ensure that the unique requirements for electrical wiring in your Addy homes are well taken care of. As expected from reputed electrical contractors, you can expect the following services related to electrical wiring in Addy homes:

  • Security lights and solutions
  • Automation controls
  • Heating solutions

Using the best equipment and high quality electrical products, we ensure your safety for the present and for the future.

Electrical Services to Improve Addy Residential Electric Wiring 


There may be several companies offering to provide superior electrical services in Addy. However, you cannot rely on them all. Nevertheless, you can choose us as the electrical contractors for electrical services for Addy residential spaces because we possess the following qualities:

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Emergency services
  • Reliability

Faulty repairing done by novice electricians can prove to be costly in the sense that it could ruin your home in case a fire breaks out. Therefore, you need to choose a company that not only promises to provide high quality electrical services in Addy, but one that actually delivers.

If you are looking for reliable electrical contractors who can take care of all electrical services in Addy, call us at 509-935-4426.