Electrical Contractors for Spokane Residential Wiring


When you encounter any problem with electrical wiring, only electrical contractors can get the job done precisely in the Spokane, WA area. Being well versed with the need for safety while delivering electrical services, electrical contractors ensure to diligently serve you.

If you are looking for electrical services in the Spokane area, come to us at D & A Electric, your local family-owned electrical company. Backed by a team of experienced electrical contractors, we deliver precise electrical services in the Spokane area to ensure the efficiency of your electrical system. We are recognized as:

  • Trusted electrical contractors for Spokane area residential wiring
  • Well-informed electrical contractors
  • Highly trained electrical contractors
  • Electrical contractors aiming at customer satisfaction
  • Electrical contractors delivering affordable electrical services in and around the Spokane area

Electrical Wiring for Spokane Area Home Improvement and Remodels


Electrical wiring is complex and you need to have the assistance of skilled electrical contractors on your side to deal with any issues. Whether you are working on a home improvement project or are remodeling your Spokane area residence, make certain to look for professional electrical services for your electrical wiring panel.

Serving as trained electrical contractors, we offer a wide array of electrical services for home improvement and remodeling projects in the Spokane area. Our pool of knowledgeable electrical contractors in the Spokane area is adept at:

  • Electrical wiring installation
  • Electrical wiring evaluation
  • Electrical wiring repair
  • Electrical wiring upgrades
  • Electrical wiring inspection

Electrical Services to Improve Spokane Residential Electric Wiring


As electrical wiring begins to wear out over a period of time, electrical services are necessary to keep them in good shape. Although many electrical contractors are operating in the Spokane area today offering electrical services, count on trusted professionals for positive and long-lasting results.

With a goal to provide quality electrical services, we are the electrical experts you can count on for your electrical wiring in the Spokane area. Being equipped with the latest tools, we provide advanced services to work on your electrical wiring project. Besides, we aim at completing your the Spokane area electrical wiring project on time. You can expect the following from us:

  • Proficient electrical services to improve your existing wiring
  • Licensed electrical services
  • Assistance of knowledgeable and well-equipped electrical technicians
  • Utilization of state-of-the-art techniques for providing quality services
  • Periodic and regular electrical inspections at affordable prices

To enjoy top-notch electrical services from certified professionals, residents of the Spokane area can call D & A Electric at 509-935-4426.