Construction Electrician for the Spokane Area Community


A construction electrician is a person who is capable of installing, testing and repairing electrical systems in the best possible ways. D & A Electric is a well organized company operating in the Spokane, WA area, offering the assistance of a reliable construction electrician who is able to provide new construction wiring and custom wiring services in accordance to the needs of diverse clients.

Reasons to hire a construction electrician in the Spokane area include:

  • Construction electrician uses state-of-the-art technologies
  • Construction electrician has good mechanical ability
  • Construction electrician is familiar with materials for new construction wiring
  • Construction electrician can bend and associate conduits in an efficient manner
  • Construction electrician cooperatively works with construction trades-people

Apart from this, our construction electrician offers relevant solutions for hazard free custom wiring in the Spokane area. Keeping safety in mind, our Spokane area construction electrician delivers careful services while working on custom wiring and new construction wiring projects.

Custom Wiring for New Spokane Area Homes 


Custom wiring or new construction wiring installation can be a difficult task, so many Spokane area residents acquire services from a licensed construction electrician in order to get optimum results. Various kinds of components are included in custom wiring in the Spokane area, such as:

  • Custom wiring includes wire harnesses
  • Custom wiring includes over molding
  • Custom wiring includes lead wires
  • Custom wiring includes ribbon cables
  • Custom wiring includes electromechanical devices

Whether you need custom wiring or new construction wiring in yourSpokane area property, bring your needs to us. Our construction electrician in the Spokane area determines your exact needs and delivers quality assured services with a consistent adherence to specifications.

Why Choose Us When You Need New Construction Wiring in Spokane?


There are many companies in the Spokane area that are offering solutions for the evaluation and installation of custom wiring and new construction wiring, so you need to choose your electrical experts carefully.

When you partner with our new construction wiring services in the Spokane area, you will enjoy a number of benefits, like:

  • Affordable service for new construction wiring
  • Honest construction electrician for new construction wiring
  • Immediate response for new construction wiring
  • Advance tools for new construction wiring
  • Unobtrusive new construction wiring

Depending on your needs, our construction electrician in the Spokane area adjusts his schedule, so you can be sure of expecting positive and long-lasting results.

To get quality electrical services from a seasoned construction electrician, Spokane area residents can call D & A Electric at 509-935-4426.