Construction Electrician for the Arden Community 


New residential construction requires wiring done properly so that the interior decorators can start their job once the electrical work is complete. We, at D & A Electric serve as high quality construction electricians for the Arden, WA community.

We specialize in new construction wiring, and therefore are the first choice when a construction electrician is required in Arden. Being a professional construction electrician company serving Arden for a long time, we provide the following services:

  • Complete custom wiring for homes
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Remodeling projects

Being a part of a reliable electrical services company, our qualified and skilled construction electrician catering to Arden ensures that adequate attention is given to all the details pertaining to new construction wiring so that all fire-related hazards are minimized.

Custom Wiring for New Arden Homes 


Often, homeowners like to remodel their homes to give it a new and fresh look. Putting up new lights and fixtures can help them with this objective. We provide high quality custom wiring services to Arden residents. With our custom wiring service, Arden residents can attain the following:

  • Better automation controls
  • New security features
  • Secure electrical components

Our professional construction electrician will help you with custom wiring in your Arden home and office by recommending to you new Eco friendly products. Our electricians will always keep in mind your safety and therefore, provide the best service.

Why Choose Us When You Need New Construction Wiring in Arden? 


New construction wiring for Arden buildings can be a complex process. The important task of wiring cannot be assigned to a novice or inexperienced electrician. Therefore, you must choose a reliable and experienced new construction wiring specialist in Arden.

You can choose us for new construction wiring in Arden as we have the following qualities:

  • Experience
  • Best quality equipment and tools
  • Customized solutions
  • Affordable pricing structure

As new construction wiring specialists for Arden, we ensure that all norms set by the government regulatory bodies are followed thoroughly. We keep in mind your safety and the safety of your property so that no mishap occurs at any time.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home and have a new room constructed for which you require custom wiring by a construction electrician who caters to Arden, call us at 509-935-4426.