Construction Electrician for the Addy Community 


New construction wiring requirements are different from what is required for homes and offices that already have been wired. You need to be in touch with an experienced electrician who can handle the task. We, at D & A Electric serve as construction electricians for the Addy, WA community.

As an experienced construction electrician serving Addy for a long time, we are aware of all the norms and regulations that are necessary for new construction wiring. Therefore, we provide all these related services to our clients. As a professional construction electrician, our services include the following:

  • Custom wiring for residential and commercial spaces
  • Upgrades and repairs to existing wiring
  • Installation of various electrical components and fixtures

Faulty wiring is usually the reason behind so many fire-related accidents. Therefore, we as a reliable construction electrician catering to Addy take all safety measures to ensure that no such accidents happen.

Custom Wiring for New Addy Homes and Businesses 


If you have been thinking of adding new security features or automation controls to your home, you will require new wiring. We, as professional electricians provide custom wiring for your Addy home.

With the help of our custom wiring services, Addy Home residents can have better:

  • Automation controls
  • New lights and fixtures installed
  • Security features added to their homes

We provide high quality custom wiring to Addy residents through our highly skilled, trained and experienced electricians who are adept at handling such tasks.

Why Choose Us When You Need New Construction Wiring in Addy? 


There will be several companies that offer new construction wiring in Addy. However, not all can be relied upon for superior services since new construction wiring for Addy buildings must be done after carefully following all regulations.

Being a licensed construction electrician company, we are ideal for new construction wiring in Addy. You can choose us when you need new construction wiring in Addy for the following qualities that we possess:

  • Experience
  • Sophisticated and best quality tools and equipment
  • Customized solutions

We give utmost importance to safety when we undertake new construction wiring for Addy buildings. You can rely on our services because we have a team of trained and experienced electricians.

If you are looking to get custom wiring for your home or office and require the assistance of a construction electrician who caters to Addy, call us at 509-935-4426.